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Currently oregon's measure 114 is on hold.  at this time there is no requirement to obtain a "permit-to-purchase" but the law still the requires you to obtain your chl to conceal your firearm.

Oregon Senate Bill 554 added a number of requirements for gun owners.  Please take a course to ensure you remain within the legal requirements.

Concealed Handgun LIcense Training

This is the class you need to obtain your CHL permit through your local Sheriff's Office. This class fulfills the Oregon State requirement under O.R.S. 166.291. 


This is a classroom only presentation with NO LIVE FIREARMS and no shooting.  We will cover home safety, range safety, and carry safety.  We will also discuss principles of Use of Force and applicable Oregon State laws. At the conclusion of the class you will receive a certificate to take to your local Sheriff's Office for your license application.  We have critiqued other local CHL courses as well as the Oregon State Sheriff Association's CHL course.  We have included all of the relevant information from all of the courses and removed all of the unnecessary. We have condensed a lot of information into a 2.5-3 hour course so you are not spending a large part of your day in class.  You will be learning from instructors with first hand knowledge of criminal law, use of force concepts, police-public contacts as well as decades of firearms training and instruction.


This class is the MINIMUM state requirement and we strongly recommend you take additional training with live fire under the direction of a competent instructor. We offer live fire courses throughout the year for individuals, group classes as well as private events. 


For a group of five or more, we can schedule a private class around your needs, just contact us for an event.

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