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This is NOT the class to GET your CHL 

(click here for that) 

This is the class for those who already have it and are looking to train from concealed gear. 


Most will run an inside the waistband like an AIWB or 3 o'clock position, or an outside the waistband at 3 o'clock.  We will have it covered by a shirt, sweatshirt or jacket.

This class will cover:

  • Rules of Safety

  • Law and Use of Force Principles                           (how to stay out of jail)

  • Situational Awareness, threat identification & personal safety (avoid becoming a victim)

  • Positions of carry & problems of printing

  • Holster Choice & Carry Ammo

  • Clearing the Cover Garment

  • Speed to gun, smooth out the draw & rapid presentation

  • How to acquire sights faster & consistently

  • Close quarters shooting

  • Movement/ Cover/ Multiple Targets

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